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Last Updated 4 years ago

When you log into your account on the FROG Bulk Messaging platform, our homepage displays the menu of the left hand side and a breakdown of the various functions of the dashboard.


The menu displays links to the dashboard, bulk messaging, address book, reports and settings. The details on the dashboard displayed includes:


  • Amount of cash balance available
  • Cash Purchased
  • Cash Used (out of the cash purchased)
  • Active Bundles(kindly click on it to take you to the bundles page)
  • Number of Contacts in your account
  • Credit invoices created
  • Individual messages sent (on the extreme right side of the dashboard)
  • Sub companies( formerly called sub accounts)
  • And Users
Further down the dashboard is the:

  • bulk messaging activity over the past 30 days
  • bulk messaging status of your sent messages over the past 30 days

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