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How to send a simple message
Last Updated 4 years ago

The simple message option can be when one wants to send messages to a few contacts
  • To send a simple message, go to send new messages
  • Select simple message
  • Input your contacts(kindly separate each number with a comma)
  • Select your sender Id
  • Choose your message type(Text or Flash)
  • Type your message (NB: No more than 160 characters including space if you want to be charged 1 credit per message.)
  • If messages are to be sent later, select ‘Schedule messages for later’ and set a date and time for delivery. Also, scheduled messages can be repeated. To do so, select ‘Repeat Message’, and choose the frequency, the date on which repeat ends as well as recurring day or month for repeat.
  • Click on confirm
  • Click on send message when you are sure all the information provided is accurate.
Kindly find tutorial video below

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