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How to do Call Record voice message in your Audio Library
Last Updated 4 years ago

To do call record in your library


  • Go to audio library
  • Click on + add audio
  • Type in your audio title
  • Select ‘call to record’ under Audio Message Type (Kindly note that you will be charged for the duration of this call)
  • Type in the phone number on which you would like to record your call
  • Type in your description
  • Click on save changes to save your audio.
  • Your page returns to the audio library after it has successfully been saved. The new audio recording would be displayed with the title you typed in.
  • You would receive a call from wigal’s voice call number, answer the call and follow the voice prompt.
  • When your voice recording is successful your audio recording changes from ‘waiting for recording’ to audio saved.

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